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During the summer of 2013 we started the development of our gin. Our starting points were clear from the beginning – only natural ingredients are eligible for Loopuyt Gin. The gin had to mix effortlessly with tonic. We wanted to create a gin with an accessible balanced flavour, a pure blend of fine aromatics which give optimal results.

I have the simplest tastes,
I am always satisfied with the best.

Oscar Wilde

Many recent gins which have hit the market differentiate themselves by prioritizing one additional component. We have chosen to create a gin that has an accessible, surprising taste by using a complex mixture of herbs, flowers, seeds, berries, fruits and fruit peel. An impressive balance of flavours and tastes is our main focus.

Extended version

Loopuyt is the “New Western” Gin

The traditional London dry gins contain many juniper berries. The other herbs play a minor role. Recent demand is shifting towards new western gins. This new type contains several determined botanical flavours, that together with juniper give a surprising and often complex aroma and taste. Loopuyt is clearly a new western gin.

Nature is stubborn

All raw materials of Loopuyt come directly from nature. It is important to be one with nature, yet the preparation is not always a bed of roses. Changing weather conditions during the growing season may well influence the taste or smell of a fruit or spice.

12 botanicals

We individually evaluate all of our 12 herbs, berries, seeds and peels. Each botanical is strictly controlled in order to reach a correct flavour and aroma until we achieve our quality of standards. Only when all 12 components are perfect, the gin is ready for preparation. The end product is therefore of a persistent quality.

What do each of the 12 botanicals contribute towards Loopuyt Gin?

Juniper: Gin without juniper is unthinkable. The name refers directly to Gin Juniper. Juniper therefore plays an important role in the taste and smell of Loopuyt Gin.

Lavender: Working with Lavender is a harmonising. It holds a scenic, floral and spirited fragrance, which is very suitable for gin.

Orange peel and grapefruit peel: The importance of freshness in Loopuyt Gin derives from orange and especially raw grapefruit peel. Fresh grapefruit peel bursts radiance. Now that you know, you will certainly recognise it in this gin.

Cinchona: A woody and dry atmosphere to the finish. A friendly counterbalance to the flowers and fruits.

Nutmeg: Nutmeg gives wise incentive ends, a heavier tone that makes for more bite.

Fresh raspberry: The subtlest of all components. Raspberry gives Loopuyt Gin something kind. Raspberry removes the rough edges, polishes the scent and taste to the well-rounded whole.

Cardamon: Unites a charming scent with a sweet taste, which increases delight from the gin.

Inca berries, mulberries and goji berries prove their qualities for many. In the beginning they provide subtlety and a hint of sweetness. Without these components the gin taste would be lacking as well as the enjoyable aftertaste.

Coriander: Provides a spicy and surprisingly fresh fragrance, which gives the gin a stronger character.

Loopuyt Dry Gin

Recently, someone asked: “Why did you just use these herbs?”.
My answer is clear: “The smell and taste of Loopuyt Gin would be different with other herbs!”.

Schiedam, December 2014
Jaco van der Leun
Master distiller P. Loopuyt & Co


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